SBA Election Results – Increased Turnout and Nominations

The results are in.

Election returns are available on the SBA website, here.

This year’s SBA elections had a higher turnout in many sections when compared to last year’s data.  For example, the 2014 race in Section 5 saw 105 ballots cast, while this year the votes exploded up to 141.  Other sections had modest increases or stayed approximately the same.  The only section to decrease turnout was Section 1, which dropped by 50%.  One possible explanation is that there were only two candidates, meaning both would be elected by default.

Across all other sections this year, SBA saw more nominations.  Each section had at least six candidates.  The contest was so close in Section 4 that a run-off election was needed to elect a second delegate.

There were also some amusing write-in responses this year, including a Section 2 vote cast for Donald Trump.

Here are the winners –

E1/Section 7:

  • Ata Akiner
  • Katharine Gibson

Section 1:

  • Zachary Martinez
  • Joshua Spielman

Section 2:

  • Jeffery Gary
  • Rachel Jackson

Section 3:

  • Ambur Smith
  • Michael Mazzella

Section 4:

  • Shaina Vinayek
  • John Bardo

Section 5:

  • Joshua Branch
  • Soowan Choi


  • Zwei Zhao
  • Mario Valencio Concha
  • Ben Akech


  • Jacob Wittman Maillard

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