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SBA set to hear resolution on campus diversity issues

The nationwide debate on diversity arrived on Georgetown Law’s campus during the Student Bar Association’s meeting on the evening of December 1st, 2015.  1L SBA delegates Amber Smith and Mike Mazzella, both representing Section 3, proposed a resolution aimed to address diversity issues on campus.  According to Smith and Mazzella’s comments, a new version of the resolution is set to be introduced or at least discussed at the first SBA meeting of this semester, on January 26th.

The resolution is part of a nationwide debate that has occurred throughout 2015, including high-profile protests at the University of Missouri, leading to the resignation of its president.  Other protests have occurred at Yale University, while Howard University worked with police to investigate an anonymous threat against its students posted online. Georgetown University itself has been no stranger to the recent debate, where students successfully campaigning to rename Mulledy Hall and McSherry Hall, on the main campus, to Freedom Hall and Remembrance Hall, respectively.  The buildings were originally named for individuals who had sold slaves in the 18th Century.   This recent diversity discussion was raised in a campus-wide email sent by Law Center Dean Bill Treanor.  The notice made students aware of racially hateful messages on anonymous social media app Yik Yak which were posted from the Georgetown Law campus.

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