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EJF kicks off fundraising with Wonderland Auction


On Thursday, February 4, the Equal Justice Foundation held its annual auction in order to raise funds for students who will be dedicating their summers to public service.  On Friday, February 5, several pockets were lighter– here’s to you, $1,200 donor for a game night with Fran DeLaurentis– but the overwhelming majority of attendees were innumerably richer.  In funding, perhaps, but in spirit, certainly.  Not only were participants treated to whimsically-themed baked goods, chicken wings and sangria, but they were also serenaded by the dulcet tones of one Marty Lederman: professor of Constitutional Law, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel, and most notably, Taylor Swift aficionado.

The Equal Justice Foundation is a student organization that provides guaranteed funding for Georgetown students that are spending their summers in unpaid public interest positions.  The proceeds from this annual fundraising event bolster the funds that students receive.

As attendees filed into Hart Auditorium early that evening, they were given the opportunity to enroll in a door prize drawing which included several Barbri prep course coupons and one all-inclusive Royal Caribbean Cruise.  Bidding paddles were distributed and refreshments provided for the arduous journey downstairs, all of which (aside from perhaps the chicken wings) were in keeping with the Alice and Wonderland theme that permeated the night.  Much like Alice, I did in fact feel that I was growing as I finished my fifth baked good, which I can only speculate was the intention of the planning committee.  And O!  The baked goods!  There were brownies, there were miniature pies, there were cookies of all shapes and sizes.  After sampling the smorgasbord, participants reluctantly made their way from the refreshments to the auction hall, née Hart Auditorium, ushered in by the harmonies of EJF member Joel Nolette.

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Superb Owl

We’re not allowed to say it, we’re not allowed to write it – we’re probably not even allowed to think it. The National Football League has projected its power into every living room and man cave on Sunday’s for as long as I can remember. They own a day of the week, people.

It should come as no surprise that this 501(c)(3) juggernaut of a non-profit and it’s aggressive attitude towards their profit margin would find its way into how we’re even allowed to cover the game. For those who still don’t know what I’m talking about, the NFL has copyrighted the official name of the last game played in an NFL season, meaning fine media personalities such as myself must ask for permission to publish a word a sacred as … that word.

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Individual rights group criticizes Law Center student campaigning policy

FIRE letter

On Monday, Feb. 1, the day of the Iowa Caucuses, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) penned a letter to Georgetown Law Dean William Treanor regarding an alleged incident last semester where students were prevented from distributing materials advocating for the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders.  FIRE’s press release and the letter are available here.

The letter reads, “Specifically, administrators have prevented Georgetown Law students supporting the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders from engaging in political speech and activity on several occasions, on the grounds that the university’s tax-exempt status obligates it to ban campaign-related activities on campus and prevent any university resources from being used to support political campaign activity.”

As alleged by the letter, one student’s request to reserve a table outside the McDonough Hall Chapel to distribute Sanders campaign materials in September was denied.  In October, several students used a table outside of McDonough Hall to distribute similar materials, until they were asked to leave by personnel from the Office of Student Life.
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Barrister’s Ball 2016 venue revealed

1280px-nationals_park_181At the Equal Justice Foundation’s Wonderland Auction, the Student Bar Association revealed the location of Barrister’s Ball 2016.

The event will take place at Nationals Stadium, home of the Washington Nationals, on March 19, at 9pm.

The first two tickets were auctioned off at the EJF Auction.  The other 1,498 attendees can buy their tickets at a later date.

Image source:  Wikipedia under Creative Commons license CC BY SA 3.0

Ad-hoc committee established to perfect diversity resolution

During the Student Bar Association meeting on Feb. 2, the resolution intended to address diversity issues that was discussed last semester advanced further, although no vote was held.

SBA delegates Mike Mazzella and Amber Smith , sponsors of the resolution, presented a new version incorporating the feedback from the previous meeting and private discussions they had over break.  The major changes included the striking of language discussing the resolution’s possible free speech implications, which the authors felt needed clarification.

Another change was the reworking of the divisive proposal to add a diversity education requirement to graduation.  The proposal had drawn substantial criticism in the earlier meeting, with students concerned that additional graduation requirements would impose a further burden on already-constrained class selection opportunities.  Instead, Mazella and Smith suggested that the Professional Responsibility course, a two-credit class mandated by the American Bar Association, be expanded to three credit hours and feature diversity education.

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