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Alumni Spotlight: Plato Cacheris

Plato CacherisPlato Cacheris sits in his office at Trout Cacheris & Janis, overlooking Connecticut Avenue in D.C.’s Dupont Circle.  His walls are decorated with photographs of the now 86-year-old lawyer during his most notable trials. At first glance, these framed pictures look like stills from a Sidney Lumet courtroom thriller.  Indeed, Cacheris’ legal career reads like a movie script.  The Georgetown Law alum’s trial history is a Hollywood producer’s dream come true: Aldrich Ames, Monica Lewinsky, Edward Snowden, Ana Montes and the representation of former attorney general John Mitchell during the Watergate prosecution.

Today, Cacheris is a white collar criminal defense attorney with no signs of slowing down.  As he sits in his office, he draws his attention to a sharp black-and-white framed photograph.  “That’s Fawn Hall testifying before a congressional committee about Ollie North in ‘88 or ’89,” he says.  The photo shows a serious-faced Cacheris sitting with his hands resting on top of his counsel bench during trial.  Beside him is Fawn Hall, then-secretary to Lieutenant Colonel Oliver (“Ollie”) North and prominent figure in the Iran-Contra scandal.

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Vice President Joe Biden speaks on campus



Photo courtesy of 3L Phil Druss

Students were starstruck Wednesday afternoon as the Vice President Joe Biden paid a visit to campus to deliver remarks about the ongoing Supreme Court confirmation battle.  The Sports and Fitness Center was unrecognizable, transformed into a speaking stage with seats and standing room for hundreds and Secret Service agents performing security checks.

While Biden did not speak until 12:30, his influence was felt well before his arrival.  The Tower Green was closed off by caution tape and posted, uniformed officers, and access to the Hotung building was limited.  These closures remained well into the afternoon.

However, these access restrictions were nothing in comparison to the excitement among students.  Georgetown Law is no stranger to big-name speakers; the late Justice Scalia spoke to 1Ls last Fall, and Justice Alito visited campus earlier this semester.  As the students chatted in anticipation of the Vice President’s arrival, they would collectively quiet down when the music playing through speakers stopped, but laugh and continue when the music resumed.

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Professor files defamation grievance against Dean in wake of Scalia e-mails


On Monday, March 21st, the Law Weekly obtained a Notice of Grievance filed by Law Center Professor Gary Peller against Dean William Treanor with the Georgetown University Grievance Committee.  The Notice of Grievance alleges that Dean Treanor defamed Peller in retaliation for his criticism of Treanor’s public statement issued in the wake of the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia last month, and demands a public apology and retraction.  The grievance is available in full here.

The grievance comes a few weeks after the flurry of emails that students received in the days following Scalia’s death.  During this exchange, Peller, joined by Professor Mike Seidman, criticized Treanor’s tribute to Scalia, instead offering that “…the unmitigated praise with which the press release described a jurist that many of us believe was a defender of privilege, oppression and bigotry, one whose intellectual positions were not brilliant but simplistic and formalistic.”  

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In Support of Austin Tice

During the Student Bar Association meeting in the evening of March 15, 1E delegate Ata Akiner proposed a resolution in support of Austin Tice.  The resolution passed unanimously.

Tice is currently registered as a 3L at Georgetown Law, and a 2002 alumnus of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service as well as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, where he rose to the rank of Captain.  A photojournalist, Tice traveled to Syria between his 2L and 3L years to cover the emerging conflict in that region.  His work was published across many prominent news outlets, like CBS, BBC and the Washington Post.

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PSA: Metrorail shutdown impacts Wednesday commute

In an “unprecedented” move, WMATA’s Metrorail will be shut down system wide for all of tomorrow, March 16.

The closure is sure “to affect commutes for all Georgetown Law students, staff and faculty who do not reside in the vicinity of campus, as road congestion will likely increase.  Metrobus, the DC Circulator, the new H Street NE Streetcar, Capital Bikeshare, ride-sharing services and good old-fashioned sidewalks will all remain open.  Commuters should nonetheless plan for a longer commute due to increased congrestion.

The system will close on schedule tonight at midnight, and not reopen until Thursday morning.  During the closure, hundreds of “jumper cables” will be inspected.  A fire Monday morning shut down the McPherson Square station, and the Blue, Orange and Silver lines between Federal Triangle and Foggy Bottom Monday evening.  Metro CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld stated that the emergency inspections are to remedy conditions that are eerily similar to those that precipitated last year’s fire at L’Enfant Plaza, which killed one woman and injured 86.

Wiedefeld also stated that there may be more service impacts after Wednesday – area residents will be informed as neccesary

Georgetown Law Weekly NCAA Tournament Challenge

espn logo


March Madness is here! That magical time of the year where 1Ls are neck-deep in their appellate briefs, 2Ls are reminded of how easy 1L year was, and 3Ls have all but checked out by now. Luckily for us, those brave enough to venture beyond the comforting borders of the Williams Library have reported that the rest of the world is preoccupied by the NCAA Tournament, and humbly recommend that in order to ease our transitions back into the “real world,” we should consider filling out March Madness brackets.

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SBA Election Results

Georgetown Law students were e-mailed the results of the SBA election soon after polls closed on Saturday.

For the next term, the SBA President will be incumbent Day Vice President Sandor Callahan.  SBA newcomer Joe Altieri will serve as Day Vice President and Rachel Lee will serve as Evening Vice President.  Outgoing Evening VP James Danford will serve as Secretary, while current delegate Austin McCullough will serve as Treasurer.  Two appointed positions, Chief of Staff and Attorney General, will be selected by the new President at a later date to round out the Executive Board.

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