SBA Election Results

Georgetown Law students were e-mailed the results of the SBA election soon after polls closed on Saturday.

For the next term, the SBA President will be incumbent Day Vice President Sandor Callahan.  SBA newcomer Joe Altieri will serve as Day Vice President and Rachel Lee will serve as Evening Vice President.  Outgoing Evening VP James Danford will serve as Secretary, while current delegate Austin McCullough will serve as Treasurer.  Two appointed positions, Chief of Staff and Attorney General, will be selected by the new President at a later date to round out the Executive Board.

The next SBA meeting, on March 15, will serve as a transition to thew new government.  A new contingent of 1L Delegates will be elected and seated next Fall.

The new House of Delegates are listed below –

2L Delegates
Ambur Smith
Dante Frisiello
Jaime Travers-Fein
John Douglass
Joshua Brach
Richard Hand
Shaina Vinayek
Soowan Choi
Yugank Sika

Zachary Martinez

2E Delegates
Ata Akiner

Emily Orler


3L Delegates
Adam Rosenthal
Ana Chambers
Barr Benyamin
Claire Chevrier
David Costello
Jason Goldfarb
Justin Kirschner
Keon Seif-Naraghi
Melanie Miller

Nadine Williams

3E Delegate

Matthew Jones

4E Delegate
Adrienne Deshmukh

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