Georgetown Law Weekly NCAA Tournament Challenge

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March Madness is here! That magical time of the year where 1Ls are neck-deep in their appellate briefs, 2Ls are reminded of how easy 1L year was, and 3Ls have all but checked out by now. Luckily for us, those brave enough to venture beyond the comforting borders of the Williams Library have reported that the rest of the world is preoccupied by the NCAA Tournament, and humbly recommend that in order to ease our transitions back into the “real world,” we should consider filling out March Madness brackets.

Alas! We have provided you, our loyal readers, an opportunity to compete against each other in yet another way.


WHEREAS, the NCAA Tournament featuring the most qualified 67 collegiate basketball teams in the United States (and Maryland) begins on Tuesday, March 15th, 2016.

WHEREAS, the Georgetown University Law Center community demands for yet another way to compete against each other.

WHEREAS, a Georgetown Law community NCAA Tournament bracket challenge serves the purpose of providing such a demand.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Georgetown Law Weekly has created an ESPN bracket pool by which students, faculty, and staff may match wits in an effort to crown one (lucky) winner our fictional 2015 Georgetown Law Weekly NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge Champion (GLWNTBCC).

Supplemental Materials

ESPN Tournament Challenge Group: Georgetown Law

Password: LoyaSaxa

Feel free to enter more than one bracket into the pool, but we ask that you title your brackets with your Net ID, followed by the number of the bracket. This is to help us keep track of the leaders. We will post updates at milestone points throughout the tournament. Although there is no prize for this tournament challenge, there are substantial bragging rights involved.

Example: abc123 1

For updates follow me on Twitter @EJKudisch


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