PSA: Metrorail shutdown impacts Wednesday commute

In an “unprecedented” move, WMATA’s Metrorail will be shut down system wide for all of tomorrow, March 16.

The closure is sure “to affect commutes for all Georgetown Law students, staff and faculty who do not reside in the vicinity of campus, as road congestion will likely increase.  Metrobus, the DC Circulator, the new H Street NE Streetcar, Capital Bikeshare, ride-sharing services and good old-fashioned sidewalks will all remain open.  Commuters should nonetheless plan for a longer commute due to increased congrestion.

The system will close on schedule tonight at midnight, and not reopen until Thursday morning.  During the closure, hundreds of “jumper cables” will be inspected.  A fire Monday morning shut down the McPherson Square station, and the Blue, Orange and Silver lines between Federal Triangle and Foggy Bottom Monday evening.  Metro CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld stated that the emergency inspections are to remedy conditions that are eerily similar to those that precipitated last year’s fire at L’Enfant Plaza, which killed one woman and injured 86.

Wiedefeld also stated that there may be more service impacts after Wednesday – area residents will be informed as neccesary

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