BREAKING: Khizr Khan to speak at Law Center

gettyimages-584274334-640x480The Student Bar Association has announced that the third guest in its Speakership Series will be Khizr Khan.

The event will take place on Thursday, October 6 in Hart Auditorium, at 2:30pm.  Ticket allocation will be handled on an RSVP,  first-come, first-serve basis – a certain number of students who RSVP first will gain access.  At the time of publication, the particulars of this RSVP system were not yet public, nor was a timeline for their release.

Khan rose to national prominence earlier this summer, when he and his wife Ghazala spoke at the Democratic National Convention.  The Khans, who are Pakistani immigrants whose son died in the line of duty in Iraq, gave a speech critical of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, especially Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigration.  The Khans’ speech, the image of Khizr Khan holding his pocket Constitution which he cited during his speech, and Trump’s critical reaction to the speech took the nation by storm and had a significant impact on the campaign trail.

The contents or particular subject matter of Khizr Khan’s visit are unknown at the time of publication.

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