DEVELOPING: Georgetown Law Adjunct Professor Arrested

screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-5-19-02-pm“His academic areas of interest include legal ethics and professional responsibility….” This is what Adjunct Professor Jack Vitayanon’s Georgetown Law faculty profile read prior to his arrest this past Wednesday.  Although Professor Vitayanon’s arrest has been made public throughout national media and his faculty profile has been removed, the student body has yet to receive a statement from university leadership.

Vitayanon, who also served as an Attorney-Advisor at the IRS’ Office of Professional Responsibility, was arrested Wednesday for conspiring to distribute upwards of 500 grams of methamphetamine.  For the visual learners, that’s about the size of 3 and a half apples, or a pack of ground beef.  Vitayanon has allegedly been engaged in the aforementioned extracurricular activities since September of 2014.   Interestingly enough, Vitayanon’s LinkedIn profile reflects that his employment at Georgetown began that same year in May.

Although Vitayanon’s alleged drug activity can be traced back to 2014, he recently came to the attention of authorities in December 2016 when a package was intercepted in Long Island.  The recipient of the package gave their source’s name (located in Arizona) as well as Vitayanon, the person who put the two in contact. The intended recipient of the Long Island package, “CS”, (named per unsealed court documents) stated that Vitayanon also used the Arizona source to purchase methamphetamine.

Following law enforcement instructions, “CS” recorded a video chat with Vitayanon where he allegedly communicated further sales and shipment of methamphetamines, and can be seen smoking from a glass pipe.  Vitayanon allegedly texted “CS” with a tracking number for the shipment of methamphetamine and requested $1650.00 to be deposited into his personal bank account.  This amount was to include the price of shipping as well as his “Ubers.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s website states Vitayanon’s case is being prosecuted by EDNY’s Long Island Criminal Division.  Furthermore that the executed search warrant “led to the seizure of additional quantities of suspected methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, packaging materials and [a] drug ledger.”

It is unclear if Professor Vitayanon was in the process of teaching a course this spring semester, as there are no references to him remaining on the Georgetown Law Curriculum Guide.  While a response from Georgetown administration remains to be seen, it is important to note that Professor Vitayanon is presumed innocent until proven guilty. His attorney has declined to comment at the moment.

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