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GEMALaw Symposium Brings Hollywood to Georgetown


The Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance’s Law chapter, known as GEMALaw, held its annual symposium on February 3rd, marking the organization’s its tenth anniversary.  The symposium brought dozens of prominent media law practicioners to Hart Auditorium, including GEMA’s founders, and attracted an estimated 200 attendees, ranging from Georgetown students to practioners to content creators, to its four panels spread over six hours.

Before the festivities began, Dean William Treanor introduced GEMALaw and recounted its importance and impact on the law school.  In particular, he noted the dramatic expansion of entertainment and media-related course offerings at the Law Center.

The day formally began with an hour-long panel hosted by four of GEMALaw’s founders, Claire Magee (L’09), Raquel Braun (L’10), Daniel Werly (L’09), and Daniel Navarro (L’09).  All except Magee, coincidentally, have ended up working in-house, and three of the four in the world of sports. All four readily agreed that Braun was the impetus for the creation of GEMA’s law chapter.

Disappoionted with the entertainment, media and sports law career building opportunities at Georgetown Law, Braun took it upon herself to gather friends and colleagues to expand the existing GEMA to the Law Center.  The four also discussed their paths to their jobs, how they got their foot in the door, and the qualities that students should emphasize as they apply for entertainemnt-sector legal jobs.

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The Georgetown Law Student’s Inauguration Survival Guide

mezzanine_800-resize-800x450Law Weekly reporters Ravan Austin and Amy Hendel contributed the majority of the content of this article.

The Presidential inauguration is a multi-day slate of events that will affect the lives of everyone living in the District of Columbia.  Although Georgetown Law’s campus is closed on Inauguration Day itself, Friday the 20th, events and accompanying traffic restrictions will begin as early as Wednesday and will last through the weekend.  The Law Weekly has prepared this guide to help Georgetown Law students get through the weekend, whether they are attending the inauguration, attending alternative events, or just staying in the city.


It is impossible to say how big the Trump inauguration will be – so far, enthusiasm seems to be less than anticipated, but hundreds of thousands are expected for post-inauguration protests and rallies. Much of the downtown corridor of Washington will be shut down before, during and after the inauguration events, increasing commute headaches across the region regardless of the true number of visitors.

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SBA RECAP: Dean Wu Defends Wolff Library Changes

gulc_south_quadThe headline event at the Student Bar Association’s meeting on October 4th was a visit by Michelle Wu, Associate Dean for Library Services.  She spent over an hour Tuesday evening discussing the recently announced changes to the Wolff Library space.

Expanding on the email sent to students last month, Wu explained that the Law Center has been battling space problems for at least a decade.  There has been an ongoing, campus-wide effort to more efficiently use already existing campus spaces.

Wu’s reports were relatively light on details.  Indeed, the relocation of the Wolff books to the E.B. Williams library is in its planning stages, and the consultation from Shelpy Bulfinch is needed before any substantive decisions can be made.  Therefore, information as to what the new space will be used for specifically,  when the transition will occur, and how much this will cost is still up in the air.

Wu was able to provide some concrete details.  The collection of international law in Wolff Library will be relocated to the Williams Library, as will the associated staff.  She reassured students that at least some of the two-floor Wolff area will remain 24-hour student space. In fact, Wu reassured students that the amount of available space in Wolff may not decrease.  A survey, conducted by Shepley, will help the school and the firm assess what needs exist, and how best to address them.  Building off that survey, which should be conducted this semester, the Law Center and Sheply will design a plan to repurpose the Wolff space.  Wu also revealed that the school recently confirmed that, using compact shelving, the Wolff collection can fit inside the Williams building. Continue reading

BREAKING: Khizr Khan to speak at Law Center

gettyimages-584274334-640x480The Student Bar Association has announced that the third guest in its Speakership Series will be Khizr Khan.

The event will take place on Thursday, October 6 in Hart Auditorium, at 2:30pm.  Ticket allocation will be handled on an RSVP,  first-come, first-serve basis – a certain number of students who RSVP first will gain access.  At the time of publication, the particulars of this RSVP system were not yet public, nor was a timeline for their release.

Khan rose to national prominence earlier this summer, when he and his wife Ghazala spoke at the Democratic National Convention.  The Khans, who are Pakistani immigrants whose son died in the line of duty in Iraq, gave a speech critical of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, especially Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigration.  The Khans’ speech, the image of Khizr Khan holding his pocket Constitution which he cited during his speech, and Trump’s critical reaction to the speech took the nation by storm and had a significant impact on the campaign trail.

The contents or particular subject matter of Khizr Khan’s visit are unknown at the time of publication.

Law Center Announces Plans to Repurpose Wolff Library

wolff-mediumpicIn a campus-wide email sent Monday morning, Law Center Dean William Treanor announced the administration’s plan to relocate and repurpose the John Wolff International & Comparative Law Library, currently located in the Hotung International Law Building, in order to make way for as-yet undetermined alternative uses.

Students were made aware of the change as part of the announcement of a larger space planning announcement.  The email opened by informing students that Sheply Bulfinch, the architectural firm which worked on the Hotung building, has been engaged by the Law Center to assist with “both short-term and long-term space planning.”

The decision to rearrange the libraries is being made to “consolidate the library collection so that all library materials are in the same building. This will simplify operations for the Law Center and will benefit students by preventing the need to go to two separate buildings to find their sources.”  While students will surely appreciate not having to trek across campus to track down books, the most immediate impact for many students is likely to be the loss of a significant amount of study space in the Wolff library.

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Law Firm of Two Georgetown Law Professors Purchased by Kirkland & Ellis


Paul Clement

Distinguished Lecturers in Law Paul D. Clement and Viet D. Dinh, as well as the remaining thirteen attorneys at Bancroft PLLC will likely be picking out their new offices on

Pennsylvania Avenue come early October. As reported earlier this afternoon by Above the Law, the entire cast and crew of Bancroft PLLC will be joining big-law heavyweight Kirkland & Ellis just in time for the commencement of the Supreme Court’s October Term.

Professors Clement and Dinh have co-taught a Separation of Powers seminar for nine years.  The offices of the former Bancroft PLLC are located at 500 New Jersey Avenue NW, just across the street from the Hotung building.

Professor Paul D. Clement served as the 43rd Solicitor General of the United States and has argued more than 75 cases before the Supreme Court. He graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, where he also served as the Supreme Court Editor for the Harvard Law Review. After graduation, Professor Clement clerked for Judge Laurence Silberman of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and then for Associate Justice Antonin Scalia in the United States Supreme Court. This is not Professor Clement’s first stint at Kirkland & Ellis as he joined the firm’s Washington, DC office as an associate following his clerkships.


Professor Viet Dinh

Professor Viet D. Dinh served as United States Assistant Attorney General for Legal Policy from 2001 to 2003. While at the Department of Justice, Professor Dinh participated in the development of legal policy initiatives to combat terrorism, including the Patriot Act. Professor Dinh graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College and Harvard Law School, where he was a Class Marshal and an Olin Research Fellow in Law and Economics. Professor Dinh clerked for Judge Laurence Silberman of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and then for Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor of the United States Supreme Court.

Both professors have been mentioned as possible nominees to the Supreme Court under a Republican administration.

Clement and Dinh are not the only Georgetown faculty to make headlines this year.  Earlier this summer, Professor David Cole was named as the American Civil Liberties Union’s National Legal Director.



SBA RECAP: Budgets and transitions

sba-sealThe first Student Bar Association meeting of the 2016-17 school year took place on Tuesday evening.

Although the current SBA executive board and delegates held one meeting after being sworn in last Spring, much of Tuesday’s meeting was spent introducing members to SBA procedure.  Committee chairs introduced themselves and their committee’s purview. An unanimously passed resolution streamlined and reorganized Student-Faculty Committees, which enable student body oversight of the administration of the Law Center.  Other matters included proposals to amend SBA’s Constitution and Bylaws to repair procedural ambiguities.

The most vigorous debate took place surrounding this semester’s Student Organization budget.  All 54 Law Center Student Organizations request a funding allocation, and the SBA Treasurer, Austin McCullough, is responsible for evaluating and replying to the requests.  This semester, as in every semester, the organizations requested more than twice the approximately $60,000 available for allocation.

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