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SBA Passes Resolution on Diversity and Inclusion


In what may be its longest meeting of the term, the Student Bar Association passed the long-debated “Resolution to Improve Diversity and Inclusion at Georgetown University Law Center” Tuesday evening.

While SBA cannot compel administration action, the resolution does lay out a number of specific suggestions.  These include “[t]he addition of curriculum addressing the historical and enduring bias of the legal system, and its past and present effects on diverse marginalized communities to all Professional Responsibility courses,” which would add a credit hour to the standard Professional Responsibility course to accommodate diversity education.  

The resolution passed amidst a nationwide trend of conversations about race and diversity, especially on campuses including law schools.  An activist group called “Reclaim Harvard Law” is currently occupying a student lounge “in a protest against what they see as an unjust institution and an opaque administration.”

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